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Platform to Enhance CAR-T Efficacy in Solid Tumors

To overcome immunosuppressive effects of TGF-β in tumor microenvironment

Published: 26th May 2021
Platform to Enhance CAR-T Efficacy in Solid Tumors


Accessibility to the tumor is a major limiting factor for CAR-T. The few cells that enter are exposed to a highly immunosuppressive environment. TGF-β is typically elevated in solid tumors, which inhibits immune cells. This includes the body’s regular T‑cells, as well as currently marketed engineered CAR‑T cells. 

Technology Overview

CHLA researchers have created a proprietary platform that allows CAR-T and other immune cells to better persist in a TGF- β rich environment.

As an exemplary application, the research group engineered the CAR-T cells to recognize neuroblastoma cells. The CAR-T cells that incorporated the proprietary constructs demonstrated superior efficacy vs. traditional CAR-T cells.


  • Better efficacy against solid tumors
  • Potential for better targeting of the tumor environment (reduced off‑target effects)


  • Neuroblastoma
  • Other solid tumors


  • Early stage investors
  • Co‑development
  • M&A 
  • PCT patent application filed
IP Status
  • Patent application submitted
  • Development partner
  • Commercial partner
  • Seeking investment